News Releases

News Releases
Qwest Launches New Small Business Resource Center

DENVER, July 19, 2010 – Now small businesses have a free online resource for technology tips and advice: the Qwest Small Business Resource Center.



  • The Qwest Small Business Resource Center provides IT-related news, events, information and assistance for small businesses.  Key components include an “Ask and Expert” feature for advice, online video library, real stories from customers, and brochures, white papers and presentations about making technology work for small businesses.
  • In conjunction with the site, Qwest Small Business is introducing two new community representatives, in the coming months, to share in-person expertise with small businesses in Colorado and Nebraska.  Community Representatives have their own local sites, as part of the larger Small Business Resource Center, with localized resources and their own blogs.
  • Since Qwest Small Business launched the Community Representative program, the Denver representative, Enrique Gutierrez, has connected with more than 240 small businesses, and has made more than 75 in-person visits, answering IT questions, responding to concerns and identifying opportunities for business owners to maximize their technology.
  • The Qwest Small Business Resource Center launched on July 11, 2010.



Stephanie Copeland, vice president of Qwest Small Business 

"Technology enables innovative marketing and operational strategies for small businesses, but for some owners, connecting the dots between technology and application can be unclear and time-consuming. Qwest Small Business’s goal is to connect those dots with our new Small Business Resource Center and our growing Community Representative program.”