News Releases

News Releases
Qwest Introduces New Solution to Alleviate Wireless Network Congestion

DENVER – Oct. 26, 2010  Qwest Communications (NYSE: Q) today unveiled an innovative approach for wireless service providers (WSPs) to adapt to the increasing demand for cell tower bandwidth while simultaneously decreasing their connectivity cost per megabyte. With the introduction of Qwest® Adaptive BroadbandQwest Wholesale customers now have a “bridge” from their legacy infrastructures, with their limited bandwidth and high unit costs, to emerging technologies, which offer more bandwidth and lower unit costs. Qwest® Adaptive Broadband provides a flexible and seamless migration path that lets WSPs upgrade at their own pace and as capacity needs require.    


  • Wireless data traffic is expected to double every year through 2014 driven by the proliferation of smart phone devices and associated mobile applications.
  • In order to avoid network congestion, WSPs are significantly augmenting the bandwidth that connects their cell sites to the switching network by upgrading their existing cechnology.
  • The solution provides WSPs improved pricing on high-bandwidth and cost-efficient Ethernet connections with total-spend discounts.
  • Qwest® Adaptive Broadband™ also speeds the delivery of these Ethernet connections to cell sites via simplified contracting, ordering and construction prioritization.
  • Under Qwest's Fiber to the Cell (FTTC) initiative, the company is building out fiber to customer cell sites and expects to serve approximately 2,000 sites by the end of the year.  


Roland Thornton, executive vice president, Qwest Wholesale 
“The explosion of smart phones, mobile devices, netbooks and other applications requires backhaul providers like Qwest to keep pace with consumer demand for next-generation services. As a wholesale network provider to many wireless companies, Qwest is ensuring there is ample bandwidth to support today’s network demands while anticipating the speed and capacity needs of tomorrow.” 

Dr. Judy Reed Smith, chief executive officer and founder, ATLANTIC-ACM
According to our new Metro Carrier Report Card, wireless carriers have significant need to increase their bandwidth capacity. Qwest has responded to this need by partnering to minimize the economic impact of conversion from copper to fiber. Qwest is well positioned to deliver its fine-tuned products with its award-winning provisioning, network performance and customer service.”