SALT LAKE CITY, Aug.13, 2007 – The Qwest Foundation is helping support the legal and human rights of people with disabilities in Utah with a grant of $7,500 to the Disability Law Center (DLC), the Foundation announced today.

The grant will expand the DLC’s “Everyone Can” disability awareness and education program for children at elementary and middle schools. The program is designed to teach children about disabilities -- while they are in the process of forming opinions about diversity, relationships and community. It teaches children that disability is natural and promotes attitudes that will eliminate many of the circumstances that require advocacy by the DLC.

”The DLC is a champion for the disabled in Utah, and stands up for people who cannot always stand up for themselves,” said Jerry Fenn, Qwest president for Utah.” No matter who you are, you deserve basic human dignity and respect. I’m proud that the Qwest Foundation stands hand-in-hand with the Disability Law Center.”

Sheri Newton, the DLC’s Outreach Coordinator said, “Children have tremendous
capacity to understand that disability is a naturally occurring part of the human
experience. Their example is instructive of how each of us can move beyond fear or ignorance to see the unique way that ‘everyone can’ contribute to make our society stronger.”

The DLC accomplishes its mission through enforcing and strengthening laws that protect the opportunities, choices and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah. The DLC serves a wide range of individuals with disabilities, including those with cognitive,mental, sensory and physical disabilities. It does so by guarding against abuse; advocating for basic rights; and ensuring accountability in health care, education,employment, housing, transportation, and within the juvenile and criminal justice systems. DLC programs and services are available statewide and free of charge.



About Qwest Foundation

The Qwest Foundation's core principle is that investing in people and communities provides lasting value for the future. The Qwest Foundation awards grants to community-based programs that generate high-impact and measurable results, focusing on pre-K through grade 12 education.

About the Disability Law Center

The Disability Law Center (DLC) is the only statewide disability agency in Utah that provides self-advocacy assistance, legal services, disability rights education and public policy advocacy. The DLC has broad statutory powers to safeguard the rights of people with disabilities. Some of the legal services provided to individuals with disabilities by the DLC are in the areas of: Abuse and neglect in long term care facilities; accessibility ; housing discrimination; voting access; medicaid or insurance denial of assistive technology; education issues (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act); and clients and applicants of vocational rehabilitation.