News Releases

News Releases
Qwest Donates $10,000 to KUED’s Ready to Learn

Qwest Communication has given KUED a $10,000 grant for its Ready to Learn program that provides early learning and media literacy services to parents, teachersand care providers of young children  across Utah.

“Qwest is honored to support KUED, its programs and ultimately teachers

and parents throughout Utah,” said Jerry Fenn, Qwest Utah president.  “Reading opens up new worlds, new possibilities and opportunities for children, and if Qwest can play even a small part in providing the resources to allow young children to learn through reading, then that is a cause worth fighting for."

KUED has long played an active role in providing entertaining and educational content to strengthen children’s learning skills and ensure that they enter school ready to learn.  Since 2002, the public television station has conducted almost a thousand workshops for Utah parents and caregivers on topics including media literacy, child development, parenting counts, health, nutrition and safety as part of the national Ready to Learn (RTL) initiative. 

The initiative, which was created by the U.S. Department of Education as a cooperative agreement with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS, uses PBS children’s programming as a catalyst to boost children’s reading and writing skills, strengthen family relationships, increase library usage, and encourage parental involvement in children’s education.    The project also distributes free books to parents for their children.  For many parents, it is the first time their child has owned a book.

            The workshops have become a life-changing experience not only for parents and caregivers who attend them, but most importantly for the children.  “Giving a child a book for the first time and teaching parents the skills to help their child succeed is truly a rewarding experience,” says KUED’s Community Outreach Coordinator Jacqui Voland. “I’m pleased that in this economy Qwest has entrusted KUED with this grant to provide important educational services to parents and their children in Utah. “