News Releases

News Releases
Phoenix Day Receives Grant from Qwest Fund

hoenix Day is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of $6,000 from the Qwest Family and Work Development Fund, which represents a partnership between Qwest Communications, the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 


Funds from the grant will implement the nationally recognized Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) at Phoenix Day.  This will upgrade the quality of the educational environment for the at-risk children who attend Phoenix Day’sEarlyChildhood Education Center by providing teachers with the appropriate supplies with which to relate to the children more effectively. 


“Qwest is proud to support Phoenix Day, its programs and ultimately the children it serves,” said Jim Campbell, Qwest Arizonapresident. “Programs like the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale play a vital roll in their long-term success both in the classroom and in life.”

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Founded in 1915 as a daycare center for World War I working wives, Phoenix Day has grown into one of Arizona's most innovative and progressive child learning centers.  Historically, Phoenix Day was the first childcare center in the city to enroll children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.  As a result, it was selected by Joan Ganz Cooney as the model for the television program, Sesame Street. 


Phoenix Day is located near Central and Buckeye and serves a low- income population.  In addition to providing high-quality childcare and early childhood education, the agency ensures that its families receive case management to meet a variety of needs. “Young children are more successful in school when they come from families that are stable and secure,” notes Center Director Sonya Jones.  “Our goal is to help our families locate the services they need to stay healthy, manage their families and maintain their financial independence.”