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News Releases
Northridge Elementary To Go High-Tech With Qwest Foundation Donation

BISMARCK, N.D., Feb. 5, 2008 – The Qwest Foundation today announced a grant of more than $5,900 to Northridge Elementary, the largest elementary school in Bismarck. The grant will fund the purchase of two ActivBoards, which third-grade teachers will incorporate into their classrooms and teaching methods.

“Our district’s motto is ‘Bismarck kids are number one,’ and by providing our students with high-quality, high-tech educational tools, we’ll make sure they’re leaders in learning,” said Bob Olson, Northridge Elementary principal.

ActivBoards are a new method of technology that changes the way teachers present lessons. They resemble a traditional marker board, but are connected to a projector that feeds an image onto a screen. The screen then becomes a “larger-than-life” computer that allows the teacher to walk students through Web sites, presentations and other activities. The ActivBoards Northridge Elementary will use are the first of their kind at the school.

“Technology is changing the way students learn,” said Kent Blickensderfer, Qwest director of public policy, “and Qwest makes it a priority to ensure our state’s schools have the opportunity to take advantage of new technologies and teaching methods.”

The Qwest Foundation will present the $5,916 grant check to Northridge Elementary’s third-grade classes on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 2:15 during an afternoon assembly at the school.

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The Qwest Foundation's core principle is that investing in people and communities provides lasting value for the future. The Qwest Foundation awards grants to community-based programs that generate high-impact and measurable results, focusing on pre-K through grade 12 education.