News Releases

News Releases
New Mexico Tech Saves Woman From House Fire

CenturyLink Broadband Technician Michael Diaz, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico arrived at his first job of the day, and noticed one of the apartments in the complex had smoke coming from it.

Mike called 911 to contact the Fire Department, while knocking on the door. After no answer in the apartment he started to pound on the door, but still no one came to the door.  He was unsure if anyone was even in the apartment, but he was determined to keep trying until the fire department showed up. Mike went to the back door and did the same thing with no response. Finally, after trying the front door again, a lady finally opened the door, releasing a big plume of smoke. Mike led her away from the apartment and had her sit down. 

He asked her if she was OK, she said stated that she was, but she seemed a little disoriented. He asked if there was anyone else in the residence and she said no. Being unsure if she was fully aware of what she was saying, he ran back to the apartment to double check the residence for more people. Mike yelled at the front door but did not hear anyone. When the fire department showed up, he flagged them down to let them to know the exact location of the fire. They quickly went to work and put out the fire. His actions likely saved the loss of a life and prevented property damage.

Our employees are out in our communities daily doing their regular installation and repair jobs. The people in this apartment complex will never forget the CenturyLink Technician who helped save a life and their apartment complex from further damage. Thank you Mike for the impact you have on your community.