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News Releases
Food Standards Agency boosts public protection with utility computing

31st July 2006 - London - The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has invested in utility computing technology to ensure it can provide timely and accurate information to the public in the event of incidents such as food scares.

The utility computing technology will allow the FSA to scale up bandwidth rapidly and automatically deal with significant increases in website traffic and ensure uninterrupted access to critical information, including product recalls and other food alerts.

The FSA has been a customer of SAVVIS, a global leader in IT infrastructure services for business applications, for the past four years. During the 2005 Sudan 1 dyes product recall, the FSA relied on SAVVIS’ managed hosting services when it experienced more than a 15-fold increase in daily traffic to its website, migration to SAVVIS’ utility computing and hosting platform will enable the FSA to scale its IT infrastructure and network capacity up and down as demand increases and declines. It also ensures high availability and resiliency of the FSA’s family of websites, including and to a managed hosted utility platform is part of the FSA’s long-term business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, to enable critical information to be accessed at all times by the public. The FSA is currently setting up and configuring a fully-fledged disaster recovery solution, in the UK and overseas. SAVVIS will provide global load-balancing technology to help manage the use of servers seamlessly.



Following a rigorous procurement process, SAVVIS was selected from a list of over 30 hosting providers. SAVVIS’ solution provided the best value for taxpayer money and satisfied the Government’s rigorous procurement requirements.

“The Agency’s brief is to be an independent voice, putting consumers first in relation to food. It is essential that we are open and accessible to the public at all times and our websites are key to achieving this”, said David Payne, Managing Web Editor at the FSA. “SAVVIS takes customer service seriously and genuinely focuses on our priorities. Having SAVVIS provide and manage our critical IT infrastructure means that we can deliver world class service to the public. Our investment in SAVVIS’ utility computing service helps guarantee on-demand access to critical information on food and health safety at all times without the high costs that were traditionally required to obtain flexible and secure hosted services.”

“The FSA is one of the most progressive organisations in the UK public sector”, states Richard Warley, Managing Director of EMEA for SAVVIS. “The SAVVIS solution will enable the FSA to reduce IT complexity and costs and reinforces its commitments in putting the needs of the public first.”

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About the Food Standards Agency
The Food Standards Agency is a UK-wide, independent Government agency, providing advice and information on food safety, nutrition and diet.

The Agency was created to protect the interests of consumers and its guiding principles are to:
- put the consumer first
- be open and accessible
- be an independent voice

The Agency’s advice is based on the best scientific evidence available from independent expert advisory committees, and all its advice is made public.

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