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News Releases
Embarq Is Prepared for Ernesto

WAKE FOREST, N.C., Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Well before tropical storm Ernesto reached the Carolinas, Embarq (NYSE: EQ) technicians were taking proactive measures to keep the lines of communication open for its customers in the storm's path. In addition, Embarq reminded customers that corded phones typically work when phones requiring battery power may fail.

"We are still monitoring the storm's path and have personnel and equipment ready if Ernesto becomes an issue," said Steve Parrott, Embarq's state executive for the Carolinas. "Our goal is to keep the lines of communication open for our customers. Embarq has been the communications company in the Carolinas for more than 100 years, most recently experiencing the landfall of four hurricanes in 2004, and Hurricanes Wilma, Rita and Katrina in 2005. In that time, Embarq has employed disaster response plans to restore service quickly."

Parrott added that when tropical storms and hurricanes hit, power is a major concern. Because of that, Embarq is making available to customers inexpensive corded phones that typically will remain in service when wireless or landline phones, such as the popular cordless models which require commercial power fail. Embarq stores in areas threatened by Ernesto have corded phones available at prices as low as $10.

"If 2006 storms create service outages, we will count on our skilled and dedicated technicians and other front-line personnel to ensure a quick recovery," said Pat Stutzman, vice president-network operations. "Embarq technicians are constantly monitoring the network and identifying areas to be updated or safeguarded from potential damage. Embarq's hurricane preparations are a year-round exercise."

Each year, Embarq prepares diligently for hurricane season, drawing from its many years of experience in dealing with the storms. Those preparations include:

    --  Well before a hurricane makes landfall, Embarq monitors the storm
        track, mobilizing personnel and equipment for deployment before and
        after the storm hits. Later, Embarq emergency operations center
        personnel coordinate recovery and service restoration efforts.
    --  On-site generators provide back-up power at critical sites during
        power outages, and additional generators are staged at strategic
        locations for deployment as needed.

Embarq urges customers to take appropriate steps to ensure they are prepared, as well. To get the best possible service, customers should:

    --  Have at least one corded phone at home which utilizes Embarq service.
        Wireline home phone service typically is available even if commercial
        power has been disrupted.
    --  Visit their local Embarq store to purchase a corded phone that does
        not require batteries.  These phones are available at discounted
        prices as low as $10 to customers in hurricane areas.
    --  Keep in mind that networks such as Embarq's are built to continue
        operating during power failures.  This includes DSL service.  VoIP
        phones and services provided by cable companies may be disrupted
        during a power failure.
    --  Keep wireless phone and backup batteries charged, but be aware that an
        interruption of wireline service and commercial power also could
        affect wireless calls.
    --  If possible, get extra batteries, and charge them. In times of
        commercial power outages, a car adapter for wireless phones should
        enable you to recharge the battery.
    --  Keep extra phones and accessories in a sealed plastic bag to avoid
        water damage.
    --  Load family and emergency numbers into your phones and keep a copy of
        the numbers in a sealed plastic bag.

    About Embarq

Embarq (NYSE: EQ), headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, offers a complete suite of common sense communications services. The company has approximately 20,000 employees and operates in 18 states. Embarq, which is expected to rank among the Fortune 500, is included in the S&P 500.

For consumers, Embarq offers an innovative portfolio of services that includes reliable local and long distance home phone service, high-speed Internet, wireless, and Dish Network satellite TV -- all on one monthly bill.

For businesses, Embarq has a comprehensive range of flexible and integrated services designed to help businesses of all sizes be more productive and communicate with their customers. This service portfolio includes integrated local voice and data services, long distance, Business Class DSL, wireless, enhanced data network services, voice and data communication equipment and managed network services.

Embarq believes that by focusing on the communities the company serves and by employing common sense and practical ingenuity, it is able to provide customers with a committed partner, dedicated customer service and innovative products for work and home. For more information, visit .

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