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EMBARQ Expands Cable Theft Reward Effort to Warren, Ohio

WARREN, Ohio, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The old adage "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," isn't necessarily true, especially when it comes to Embarq Corporation's (EQ) efforts to bring copper cable thieves to justice.

Recently EMBARQ offered a reward for the public's help in catching cable thieves in Las Vegas, and now is expanding that effort to Warren, Ohio. The company is extending this innovative offer with a $1,000 reward in Warren for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of anyone stealing the company's live traffic-carrying cable, primarily copper cable.

In addition, EMBARQ is hopeful that the passage of pending Ohio Senate Bill 171, sponsored by Columbus Sen. Steve Stivers, will help remove the threat of cable theft by mandating that scrap metal dealers must log purchases they make from sellers and only buy from those who provide government-issued photo identification.

Several times over the last month thieves have stolen EMBARQ copper cable used for the transmission of calls, impacting Warren residential and business customers. Officials believe that the copper cable is taken to recycling centers or metal dealers where it is sold as scrap.

"This is an industry issue with criminals stealing the cable for monetary gain," said Dallas Hayden, manager of Corporate Security at EMBARQ. "When people steal cable, it puts the entire community at risk. Imagine someone trying to break into your home and when you try to call 911 you find that your service is out because someone just cut the cable in order to steal it. Cable theft affects everyone."

"We're pleased that EMBARQ is getting actively engaged in helping us catch cable thieves," said Detective Justin Soroka of the Warren Police Department. "Citizens who have information regarding the theft of copper cable are asked to call the police department at 330-394-2521, prompt 4 then prompt 1 which will put them through to dispatch."

Citizens also may dial 911 if they see a cable theft in progress.

EMBARQ, meanwhile, says the passage of pending Ohio Senate Bill 171 is a positive step in curbing cable theft.

"The theft of telecommunication cable and the associated resale of the cable is what this bill is intended to halt. Additionally, we're encouraging the scrap metal dealers to deal with reputable sellers and hope to provide police with additional tools to catch the thieves," Stivers said.

Stivers' bill is currently being considered by the Ohio Senate's Insurance, Commerce and Labor Committee.

"If thieves know they must show their ID before selling metal to a scrap dealer, it might make them think twice before stealing our cable," said Carolyn Angelotti, Embarq Public Affairs Manager in Warren. "We hope our reward plus this Senate bill curtails theft and results in fewer cuts to our cable."

Stealing cable doesn't come without risks. Aside from the potential for arrest, there have been more than a dozen reports nationwide in recent months of copper thieves being electrocuted while attempting to steal copper cable, Angelotti said.


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